Increasing Resilience through Earth Observation
(2013 – 2014)

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Bulgarian End User

Ministry of the Interior
Fire Safety and Civil Protection Directorate General

The general aim of the Chief Directorate "Fire Safety and Civil Protection" is to create an effective, efficient, technically adequate and materially integrated system for prevention, preparation, facing, management and recovery in case of disasters. It deals with natural hazards phenomena (earthquakes, landslides, forest fires, floods, severe weather phenomena), as well as technological hazards. Potentially dangerous areas of hydrometeorological character along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, identified in the IncREO project implementation, as well as the operating system for dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena prediction in the Black Sea, will help for developing programmes and plans for risk management.

The Derectorate is a part of a European wide mechanism for civil protection, which was formed to ensure a common response to emergencies by all EU member states.

Letter of Intent (pdf)

Basin Directorate for Water Management in the Black Sea Region

Letter of Intent (pdf)

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