Computational Aspects in Environmental Statistics, Bulgaria 2009

A programme of advanced training in statistics supported by IASC-ERS and ESF-LESC

7 - 11 September 2009

Bulgarian Statistical Society and
National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology

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Travel Information

National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) is located at:
66 Tsarigradsko chaussee,
Sofia 1784,

The capital Sofia is daily connected by flights with all European capitals. For those who arrive at the Sofia airport, which is about 4 km away from the NIMH, we strongly advise you to arrange for a taxi inside the arriving hall at the desk of 'OK Supertrans 973 21 21' taxi company, not outside. For your convenience look at the web page, at the bottom right corner press 'Display page in English'. The cost per kilometre in Sofia is about 0.60 BGN (Bulg.Leva) (0.30 EUR) during the day and about 0.70 BGN (0.35EUR) during the night, plus initial costs about 0.60 BGN. Another well-presented in Sofia taxi company is 'S Express 9 1280', which travel at the same price. These two companies' cars carry the corresponding names.

CAUTION: There are taxi companies with very similar names like the mentioned above, but they travel at much higher cost. To avoid overcharge problems, before you take a taxi make sure you see the prices posted on the car windows.

Sofia railway table:

Sofia central bus table:

From just outside central bus train station take buses 213, 214, 313 or 305 to get to the NIMH. Unless you are with a travel card, you need to buy tickets. These can be bought in advance of the journey at the bus stop (tickett cabin, nearest newspaper kiosk) or from the bus driver when you get on the bus or shortly after it departs. The cost of a single bus ticket is 1 BGN (0.50 €). Buy two tickets one for you and one for your backpack if it is larger than 60x40x30 cm3. The return costs the same and it does not have to be bought at the same time. Please ask passengers inside for direction Hydro-Meteorological Service. The buses stop outside NIMH, however, you have to cross the boulevard via the bridge.

Note: You can also buy a batch of 5 (4.25 BGN) or 10 tickets (7.50 BGN) if you plan to use public transport on more than two occasions. A daily travel card costs 4 BGN.

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